What is the Role of Fungal Alpha Amylase Enzyme in Maltose Production?

Maltose is a maltose-based syrup that is hydrolyzed by enzyme or acid enzyme combination with starch as the raw material. The plastid is clear, transparent, mild and pure, with low sweetness, malt flavour, and high boiling temperature. It has a low freezing point, anti-crystallization and many other advantages. in the food industry. It has the functions of preventing starch ageing, moisturizing and extending the shelf life in the processing of bread, cakes and baked goods. It is widely used as nutritious sweeteners and filler in sin candied fruit, convenience food, soy sauce, candy, oral liquid, health drink, malted milk extract, frozen food, and other food industries. In addition, the ultra-high maltose syrup can be hydrogenated to produce maltitol. Maltitol is a sweetener with sweetness equivalent to sucrose and a lower calorie value. It is also a raw material for the preparation of functional food, maltulose and isomaltose.

Ⅰ. The mechanism of fungal alpha amylase enzyme

Fungal alpha amylase enzyme is produced by the fermentation and purification of Aspergillus oryzae. This kind of alpha amylase enzyme is mainly used for the saccharification of starch. The reaction process is mild, and the pH value is neutral. Hydrolyze the 1,4-α-glycosidic bonds of amylopectin and amylopectin in the middle of starch to produce dextrin and maltose, which is suitable for producing high maltose syrup, maltose or high conversion syrup.

Ⅱ. Working conditions of fungal alpha amylase enzyme

The optimum pH value of fungal alpha amylase enzyme in the maltose production process is 5.0-5.5. The optimum temperature is 50-60℃, the substrate concentration is not more than 25%. The addition amount of fungal starch enzyme is 150-300g/ton dry starch, and saccharification time is 12-24 hours.

Ⅲ. The application prospects of fungal alpha starch enzyme

In the starch sugar industry, fungal alpha starch enzyme has gradually replaced β-amylase and has become the main enzyme for producing maltose syrup using starch as a raw material. Fungal alpha amylase enzyme can hydrolyze the a-1,4-glycosidic bond inside starch to make a syrup with high maltose and low glucose content. Most European and American countries use fungal alpha amylase enzyme as a saccharifying agent to produce high maltose syrup. The resulting maltose syrup contains 40-60% maltose, about 10%-20% maltotriose, and other glucose and oligosaccharides. And dextrin etc. In industrial production, fungal alpha amylase enzyme is often combined with delipases such as beta-amylase and pullulanase to produce ultra-high maltose syrup with a maltose content of more than 70% or even higher.

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