Do You Know What Cellulase Is?

Cellulase is a complex enzyme, which is generally considered to contain at least three components, namely C1 enzyme, CX enzyme and glucosidase. Cellulose is hydrolyzed into glucose under the combined action of these three components, which in turn provides nutrients for the growth of microorganisms, and of course it can also be used by humans.

1. The effect of cellulase on organisms

As a highly active biocatalyst, cellulase not only hydrolyzes cellulose, but also plays an important role in other aspects. Cellulase can activate the secretion of endogenous enzymes to supplement the deficiency of microbial cellulase in the body for herbivores. At the same time, it can also improve the effect of other enzymes such as amylase and pectinase enzyme, and synergistically improve the digestibility of fibrous food. Cellulase can also eliminate anti-nutritional factors, reduce the viscosity caused by the dissolution of some sugars in water, and ensure the health of the organism. In addition, as enzymes used in industrial biotechnology, cellulases also have the function of maintaining the integrity of the small intestine villi and promoting the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.

2. The application of food-grade cellulase

In food production, food grade cellulase is often used in the extraction of vegetable juice, olive oil, and the clarification of fruit juices. Since the main components of plant cell walls are pectin, cellulose and other substances, the use of cellulase is conducive to the exudation of plant cell contents, can improve the extraction efficiency of starch, protein, fat and other substances in the cell, reduce the pressing time, and simplify the process. Adding cellulase during wine making can shorten the fermentation time, improve the utilization of raw materials, reduce the viscosity of the solution, and make the wine taste more mellow and the content of fusel oil is also lower.

In addition, cellulase is of great significance to environmental protection. In the process of producing environmentally friendly fuel ethanol, cellulase plays an irreplaceable role. Corn stalks are currently the main raw material for the production of fuel ethanol, and corn stalks are transformed with the participation of cellulase.

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