PuriWise 1.0L

PuriWise 1.0L, highly robust liquid laundry protease with excellent stability for consistent performance time and again even in harsh detergent formulations. It can be incorporated in various liquid laundry detergent formulations including high-water to concentrated laundry detergents and laundry pods for effective protein stains removal.

PuriWise 1.0L
PuriWise 1.0L
PuriWise 1.0L

PuriWise 1.0L can effectively hydrolyze all kinds of protein stains on fabrics, and is widely used in various liquid detergents, such as ordinary laundry detergent, concentrated laundry detergent and laundry beads etc.


• High storage stability in detergents and good compatibility with other enzymes

• Excellent washing performance on all types of protein stains

• Suitable for a variety of harsh detergent environments

• Light color and odor, does not affect detergent coloring and flavoring

Excellent washing performance

In liquid detergents, PuriWise 1.0L does an excellent job of removing protein stains at the recommended dosage.

Performance testing was performed using a Terg-O-Tometer machine and full-scale washers. the washing performance of PuriWise 1.0L is equivalent to the main competitor protease in a certain market, reaching the mainstream level of the industry.


Wide temperature and pH adaptability

PuriWise 1.0L can be used in a wide range of conditions, using "GB/T 23527-2009 Protease Preparation" (Folin method) to test its enzymatic activity and catalytic properties, it performs well below 60 ℃, and pH> 6.5 conditions.

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