EnerGen Supreme

EnerGen supreme is a kind of multi enzyme which includes our special xylanase and mannanase, combined with other NSP enzymes. EnerGen supreme can efficiently break down the plant cell wall to release more nutrition within plant cell. EnerGen supreme can hydrolyze nutrition into smaller sizes to be easily absorbed by animal.

Bestzyme EnerGen Supreme
Bestzyme EnerGen Supreme
Bestzyme EnerGen Supreme

Benefits of EnerGen Supreme

EnerGen supreme was developed to break the barrier of nutrition utilization. We know that cell wall is the first barrier to release nutrition, and the main elements of cell wall are xylan and hemicellulose. EnerGen supreme contains special xylanase which can cut off both of the side chain and main chain of xylan. It can also degrade hemicellulose which are the key to break down cell wall.

EnerGen Supreme

Feed cost savings of EnerGen Supreme

1.Save energy ingredient in feed

Save energy ingredient in feed

2.Reduce death rate in farming process

Reduce death rate in farming process

3.Reduce drugs are used in feed

Reduce drugs are used in feed

Advantage of EnerGen Supreme

1.FCR and slaughter weight benefits

FCR and slaughter weight benefitsFCR and slaughter weight benefits

2.Reduce the diarrhea of animal

3.Improve the animal survival rate

Improve the animal survival rate

4.Good to environment

Confidence in use of EnerGen Supreme

  • Bestzyme "complete quality control system"

  • Efficiently solve the anti-nutrition factors

  • Save feed cost.

  • Customer specific recommendations on EnerGen supreme

  • Animal trials to support the product quality

Product form of EnerGen Supreme

  • EnerGen supreme Powder

  • A brown powder product, corn-starch carrier.

  • Packed in 25 kg bags.

  • Store in the place below 25℃, Keep product dry and out of sunlight.

Knowledge background of EnerGen Supreme

What are problems of the plant seed to be used in feed?

  • We use the plant seed in feed to farm animal, Corn and soybean are the main grains in feed industry. Animal can‘t digest grain well as plant cell wall is constituted by kinds of glycan to prevent the nutrition outflow. Xylan, cellulose, hemicellulose, glucan, pectin are all the anti-nutrition factors in the plant cell wall. In addition, starch, protein, oil are used by animal in a low utilization rate in feed without enzyme.  Animal lacks of different enzymes in different age. Without those enzyme, animal can’t digest a part of nutrition and remove anti-nutrition factors.   Animal health and growth performance are lower.

Why is NSP(Non Starch Polysaccharides) a problem?

  • Animal can’t digest NSP as the mono-gastric animal lacking of the NSP enzymes. NSP are the main component of the plant cell wall and skeleton. NSP are all synthesized by monosaccharide, the structure of them are very stable and complex.  Plant cell wall is a barrier to animal utilizing nutrition from cell. Cell wall also contains nutrition.  Additional nutrition cannot be released if the cell wall and cell skeleton are not broken, and that will cause the low utilization rate of the feed. Xylan is the main anti-nutrition factor in NSP. We should solve xylan first then more nutrition will be released.

How does EnerGen supreme help?

  • EnerGen supreme can hydrolyze anti-nutrition factor and macromolecule nutrition like NSP into smaller sizes that can easily absorbed by animal. EnerGen supreme contains the side chain xylanase that can cut off most of side chain of the xylan to effectively remove the cell wall.

  • More nutrition are released by adding multiple xylanase in feed, EnerGen supreme contains plenty of amylase, protease to deeply release macromolecular nutrition.

  • Animal get more nutrition from the feed by adding EnerGen supreme. Animal can grow more meat because gut health of animal is improved as well.

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