Cata™ TEX Catalase

Cata™ TEX Catalase is derived from Aspergillus niger and produced through submerged fermentation and refining process. Cata™ TEX Catalase can split hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. In bleach clean-up process, it can remove residue hydrogen peroxide and improve the last preparation before dyeing under mild conditions.

Bestzyme BE072
Bestzyme BE072

A high-effective H2O2 elimination catalase from Bestzyme applied in blench clean-up process with no negative effect on fibers, dyeing process and environment

Cata TEX is a kind of catalase that specifically breaks down hydrogen peroxide to oxygen and water.

2H2O2 → 2H20 + O2

Greige fabrics have its natural color, and a process of decolorization treatment is called bleaching. It can be applied by oxidative or reductive agents which must be eliminated before dyeing.

Hydrogen peroxide/H2O2 is the most widely used bleaching agent, correspondingly, catalase is the most popular elimination solution.

Cata™ TEX Catalase

Cata TEX performance profile

  • Best Operating pH for Cata tex is between 5.5 to 7.5

  • In ideal operating pH of 6.5, Cata Tex works efficiently between 500C to 650C, which is again ideal operating condition in the production.

Cata™ TEX Catalase

Cata™ TEX Catalase

Benefits of Cata TEX solution

  • Highly Concentrated Catalase Enzyme

  • Fast removal of peroxide

  • Broad work conditions for robust application

  • Consistent and reproducible dyeing result

  • No effect on fibers or dyeing process

  • Saving in Rinse water and Chemicals

  • Environmental friendly

  • Simple and safe to use

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