Beta Mannanase

β-mannanase is a feed hemicellulase fermented by the improved strains using a liquid fermentation technique, and produced by an advanced post-treatment technique. It has properties of high activity, high quality, and good heat-resistant.

mannanase enzyme in poultry feed
mannanase enzyme
Neutral Mannanase

Specification of Beta Mannanase

Nameβ-mannanaseProduct Series NameEnerGen β-mannanase
StrainAspergillus nigerEC code3.2.1.78
ColorWhite or Light yellowLoss on drying≤10%
Working T30℃-80℃Optimum T70℃
Working pH2.0-7.0Optimum pH3
Particle size80% pass 40 mesh
Package25kg /bag
StorageStored 12 months under cover in cool and dry conditions
CautionAvoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Functions of Beta Mannanase

1. Degrade mannan in feedstuff, like soybean, palm kernel, copra, etc.

2. Eliminate anti-nutritional factors in feed and promote nutrient substance digestion and absorption. Improve the value of feed and lower the cost.

3. Improve the digestibility of the nutrients, release nutrients in the cell, and degrade the complex of mannan and protein and polysaccharide to enhance the absorption of nutrient.

4. Enhance animal's health. Degrade mannan to mannose, which can significantly promote the proliferation of profitable bacteria represented by bifidobacterium in animal intestine, increase animal's immunity and reduce the mortality rate of animal.

Definition of Beta Mannanase

One unit of mannanase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1 micromole of reducing sugar per minute from 3 mg/mL of mannan at pH 5.5 and 37℃.

Dosage of Beta Mannanase

Recommended dosage is 100-150g/t with 10000U/g in complete feed.

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