Technical Support

Bestzyme has a strong technical service team and a complete technical service platform to provide customized services for each customer to maximize the value of the product.

Bestzyme provides the following services:

  • Enzyme activity test

  • Enzyme in vitro simulate application effect evaluation

  • Assist in the verification of the actual breeding effect to ensure that it adapts to different usage scenarios

  • Biomimetic digestion data of feed and raw materials to provide support for your feed formulation

  • Regularly participate in exhibitions, hold academic conferences, and provide a platform for learning and communication

  • Your customized needs

Bestzyme Feed Enzyme and Industrial Enzyme Technical Support

No.28 Huiyuan Street, Economic Development Area, Shanghe County, Jinan, Shandong Province, China

[email protected]

Jinan Office: +86-531-5577-2899
Nanjing Office: +86-025-5270-3891


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