Research & Development

Bestzyme is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production and service of enzyme products. And we have a professional team with independent R&D capabilities. Our R&D personnel account for 20% of the company’s employees. Their discipline background covers a variety of fields such as bioengineering, fermentation engineering, animal science, animal medicine, biochemistry and so on. We invest in R&D every year, now we have established a complete industry chain system that includes strain development + intelligent production + application R&D assessment.

Relying on the R&D platform of our parent company -GenScript, Bestzyme’s strain development transformed host bacteria, establishes high-efficiency expression platform, creates targeted and featured enzyme products which can be applied in various industries such as feed, bio-ethanol, starch, textile and other industries. Bestzyme is one of the few enzyme companies with independent strain development capabilities and is sought after by the industry. Bestzyme also has an independent application R&D laboratory with many advanced equipment such as a third-generation animal bionic digestion system, an imported energy meter, a full-automatic azotometer, an atomic absorption, spectrophotometer, pH meter, oscillating incubator and other instruments. Bestzyme carries out systematic research on the screening, evaluation and application of enzymes. After continuous accumulation, a large number of application data of enzyme preparations have been obtained, and a series of targeted solutions have been formed, laying a solid foundation for the rational use of enzyme preparations in downstream industries.

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Bestzyme Expands Overseas Presence with INDO LIVESTOCK EXPO&FORUM in 2023

Jul 31-2023

Bestzyme Expands Overseas Presence with INDO LIVESTOCK EXPO&FORUM in 2023

The Role of Enzyme Feed Additives

May 08-2023

The Role of Enzyme Feed Additives