Bestzyme enzymes are widely used in feed and industrial fields. For industrial uses, we proudly serve enzymes for Starch,Ethanol, Textile etc. For feed industry, our products are suitble for poultry and livestock.

Feed EnzymePhytasePhytase hydrolyzes phytate in feed, releases digestible phosphorus from feed, and increases the utilization of phosphorus in feed.
LipaseSupplement the deficiency of endogenous lipase, improve the utilization rate of fat digestion and improve production performance.
Beta MannanaseBeta-Mannanse degrades mannan of plant material in feed, breaks down the cell wall of plant to maximize energy utilization.
XylanaseXylanase specifically works on xylan that is the main component of the non-starch polysaccharides in plant cell, which significantly reduces the viscosity of chyme in the intestinal tract.
Beta GlucanaseBeta-glucanase decreases the viscosity of β-glucan, improves the utilization of feed energy.
CellulaseCellulase degrades cellulose into glucose therefore increases the utilization of nutrition in feed.
Alpha GalactosidaseTogether with other enzymes, alpha galactosidase destroys the cell wall structure and promotes the release of nutrients.
PectinasePectinase fffectively degrades pectin, decreases the viscosity of the chyme caused by pectin.
Glucose OxidaseGlucose oxidase is a functional enzyme for animal health as it consumes oxygen in the gut and produces gluconic acid, which helps proliferation of beneficial bacteria and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.
Alpha AmylaseAlpha-amylase is a key factor in hydrolyzing starch and can improve the utilization of starch in feed.
KeratinaseKeratinase hydrolyzes special protein resource such as feather, hair, fish scale, instead of the expensive protein resource.
Acid ProteaseAcid protease is expressed in Aspergillus niger, which improves feed protein digestibility in low pH environment of stomach.
Neutral ProteaseNeutral protease increases protein digestibility in animal feed and optimizes the dosage of protein in feed formula.
Alkaline ProteaseAlkaline protease works on most of the peptide bonds therefore can hydrolyze diversified proteins and save the protein resource.
HealGenHealGen can timely remove bacteria in intestinal microbial metabolism, optimize intestinal environment, help intestinal villi absorb nutrients, and improve the utilization rate of feed nutrients.  It is a new enzyme preparation product focusing on intestinal nutrition and body health.

SuperAA™ X5 Alpha-amylase

High temperature α-amylase for liquefaction process in ethanol industry, hydrolyzes starch-based feedstock especially cassava to soluable dextrin solution and decreases the slurry viscosity significantly.

SuperAA C5 Alpha-amylase

High temperature α-amylase for liquefaction process in ethanol industry, hydrolyzes corn based feedstock to soluable dextrin solution and decreases the slurry viscosity rapidly.

ALCGEN™ P10/P15 Acid Protease

Acidic protease for ethanol industry, hydrolyzes protein to Free Animo Nitrogen (FAN) for yeast nutrition and increase the ethanol yield in fermentation process.

FastLIQ STAR150 Alpha-amylase

High temperature α-amylase for liquefaction process in starch sweetner industry, Hydrolyzes starch to short chain dextrins for starch sweetener and fermentation industry in liquefaction process.

HighDEX™ Ultra3.0 Glucoamylase

Glucoamylase hydrolyzes dextrins to glucose for customers with high requirements on saccharification and can achieve expectant DX value.

Cata™ TEX Catalase

Catalase splits residual hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen after bleaching with no harm to fiber and reactive dyes.

SuperAA TEX Desizing amylase

Desizing amylase hydrolyzes and removes the starch-based size from the fabric threads without negative influence on fibers.

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