SuperAA Tex Desizing Amylase

SuperAA TEX Desizing Amylase is a kind of α-amylase derived from Bacillus licheniformis and produced through submerged fermentation and refining process. It can hydrolyse α- 1, 4 glycosidic bond of starch randomly applied in desizing process and remove the starch-based size from the fabric threads. Enzymatic desizing ensures the residue size is completely removed without any adverse impact.


Desizing plays an important role in texture production. Sizing agents are applied to improve the weaving properties of yarns. They are consist of highly polymerized substances forming a film and bonding the fibres together.

Sizing agents must be completely removed before dyeing in case of uneven dyeing, poor printing quality and batch-to-batch reproducibility. With enzymatic desizing solution, the starch can be converted to water-soluble fragments which can be easily rinsed with less energy cost and waste water generation.

Key benefits of SuperAA Tex

  • Environmentally friendly solution for desizing without causing fabric problems

  • Reducing energy and chemical cost

  • High efficiency under wide range of temperature and pH conditions

  • Available for all types of starch-based size

  • Increasing fabric quality

  • Less potential safety hazard

Application process using SuperAA Tex

  • Penetrate into the space between fibers when fabrics soaked in desizing liquor

  • Hydrolyze the starch chains and produce soluble dextrin when fabrics incubated in a higher temperature

  • Wash off the fabrics along with the dextrin in the subsequent water rinse


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