Perfect Conclusion to the International Exhibition – BESTZYME Wraps Up Participation in the 5th AHCAB International Expo in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country predominantly reliant on agriculture, with 74% of its population engaged in agricultural labor. In its traditional self-sufficient agricultural economy, livestock farming plays a crucial role. Riding the wave of the global livestock industry's development over the past decade, Bangladesh's livestock sector has witnessed significant growth, leading to a rapid expansion of its domestic and international markets.

From November 30th to December 2nd, 2023, the 5th AHCAB International Expo held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, attracted renowned industry manufacturers from the United States, Belgium, South Korea, Turkey, India, and many other countries and regions. As the most effective poultry and livestock protection exhibition in Bangladesh, the expo covered various aspects of the livestock industry. BESTZYME used this platform to better connect with and understand the Bangladeshi livestock market.

To meet the demands of the Bangladeshi market, we showcased four star products: EnerGen Supreme, ProMax, PhosGen Plus, and LipMax. These products allowed visitors to grasp BESTZYME's innovative concepts and research and development capabilities.

During the expo, BESTZYME's outstanding international business and technical team provided product explanations based on accumulated industry knowledge and professional expertise. They promptly assisted visitors with inquiries and patiently addressed professional farming issues raised by attendees. In response to their needs, we offered on-the-spot professional custom formulations and solutions, receiving praise from the visitors.

Through this expo, we not only gained new insights and awareness of the relatively unfamiliar Bangladeshi market but also laid the foundation for our business layout in this strategically important Asian market. In the face of increasingly fierce global competition, BESTZYME remains committed to innovation and continuous improvement of product quality and service levels. We also hope to establish ongoing close collaborations with Bangladeshi clients, actively engage in technical exchanges, and achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.

With the successful conclusion of the AHCAB International Expo, the BESTZYME brand has gained widespread recognition and a positive reputation. In the future, in this land of immense potential and opportunities, BESTZYME will continue to explore innovation, forge ahead, and contribute to the healthy and rapid development of the local livestock industry in Bangladesh.

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