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In order to provide a platform for college students to practice and visit, Jinan Bestzyme has specially set up a corporate open day, allowing students to enter thea company, enter the factory area, and more intuitively feel the knowledge which originally exists only in the book.


The students who came to our company this time to study are more than 90 students majoring in bioengineering of Qilu University of Technology. Guided by each workshop director, the students mainly visited three workshops for fermentation, extraction and liquid preparations. In order to let the students have a more intuitive understanding of the working environment of the workshop, the directors of each workshop gave detailed explanations and introductions on the production process, the basic principles of fermentation, and advanced automation equipment, and they also answered the questions raised by the students one by one.


As a senior in the Qilu University of Technology, the director of the extraction workshop is even more happy for the arrival of the junior fellow students. He was very attentive when introducing the knowledge of extraction to the younger students, and he also made simple communication on the issues that students are particularly concerned about such as the development direction of the employees, wages and benefits.


In addition to the production workshop, the students also visited our honor exhibition hall guided by the colleagues in the Public Relations Department, who gave relevant introductions on the company's development history, industry-university-research cooperation, product positioning and advantages, company honors and R&D platform.

After the visit, the head of the human resources department further demonstrated the company's strength and group profile to the students in the form of video and PPT, and conveyed the desire for talents in the development of the company. At the same time, he hoped that the good corporate culture atmosphere and strong training and promotion platform can attract the students present to join Bestzyme and fight with us.

Since the establishment of our company, we have been actively promoting industry-university-research cooperation. In addition to Qilu University of Technology, we have jointly carried out research and development projects with China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, Shandong University, Shandong Agricultural University and many other universities. I hope that more colleges and universities can participate in our corporate open days in the future to further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and achieve a win-win situation!

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