What is the Role of Complex Enzymes?

The shortage of feed resources, increased breeding costs and increased environmental pollution have restricted the development of the breeding industry. Conventional feed resources such as corn and soybean meal have been unable to meet the needs of development. In recent years, with the rapid development of the breeding industry, diseases have occurred more and more frequently. In order to improve the immunity of livestock and poultry, farmers often add complex enzymes to their feed. So, what is a complex enzyme? What is the role of complex enzymes?  

Ⅰ. What is a complex enzyme?

A complex enzyme is a mixture composed of multiple enzymes to complete a series of catalytic reactions. Rich in protease, amylase, pectinase, cellulase, xylanase, β-glucanase, etc. The complex enzyme is applicable to aquacultures such as pigs, chickens, cattle, pigeons, quails, fish and shrimps.

Ⅱ. The role of complex enzymes

1. The complex enzyme can improve gastrointestinal function and effectively inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines of livestock and poultry. The complex enzyme can also improve the body's immunity and reduce morbidity and mortality.

2. The complex enzyme promotes the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the feed by livestock and poultry and improves the feed conversion rate.

3. complex enzymes promote growth and significantly increase the production of meat, eggs and milk. The complex enzyme can improve the quality of meat, egg and milk, reduce cholesterol, improve the yellow colour of eggshells, increase the thickness of eggshells, reduce the appearance of abnormal eggs, and increase the rate of lean meat.

4. Long-term use of complex enzymes can significantly reduce the odour of livestock and poultry manure and the ammonia gas in the livestock house, and improve the breeding environment.

5. The complex enzyme is convenient and economical to use, direct mixing, which can improve economic benefits.

6. The complex enzyme is non-toxic and harmless, without any side effects. The complex enzyme is the best product for the production of green food.

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