Application of Glucose Oxidase in Medicine

Glucose oxidase is widely used. In addition to the familiar flour processing and feed industries, glucose oxidase can also be used in the field of medicine, mainly used to detect blood glucose concentration, usually glucose oxidase is prepared in the form of test strips and kits.

1. The principle of the glucose oxidase method in medicine

We know that sugar is an essential nutrient for our body, the sugar in the blood is called blood sugar, and in most cases it is glucose. The human body ingests daily rice, vegetables and fruits, and is converted into glucose by the human digestive system into the blood, transported to each cell of the body, and becomes the source of energy for the human body. Generally speaking, a normal person has a fasting blood sugar concentration of 70-110 mg/dL in the morning, a blood sugar concentration below 70 mg/dL is called hypoglycemia, and a fasting blood sugar concentration over 130 mg/dL is called hyperglycemia. Certain levels must be maintained to maintain the needs of various organs and tissues in the body.

Glucose is used to generate gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide under the action of glucose oxidase enzyme, and hydrogen peroxide is oxidized with colorless compounds on the test paper to colored compounds. This enzyme test paper will show different colors depending on the amount of glucose. Compared with the standard colorimetric card, the content of glucose can be known. For people who need to test blood sugar frequently, it is impossible to run to the hospital frequently, and the glucose oxidase blood sugar test strip only needs to collect blood on the lipid tip, and then put the blood on the test strip to measure the blood sugar level by the blood glucose meter, easy to use and low cost.

2. The advantages of glucose oxidase method in medicine

Glucose test strips use two enzymes, glucose oxidase and catalase, respectively. Glucose oxidase has the specificity of the enzyme and only works on glucose, so the accuracy is high, but the glucose oxidase method is easily affected by moisture and oxygen, which leads to the inactivation of the test paper by moisture, thus affecting the accuracy of the test. After the kit is opened, it is recommended to use it up within three months.

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