Importance of Starch Enzyme in the Digestive System

1. What is a starch enzyme?

Take a bite of mashed potatoes, you will feel a touch of sweetness. But potatoes are made of starch, how can they have such a taste? This is the role of the starch enzyme. It is wrong to think that digestion occurs in the stomach of the body. It starts when we eat it in our mouths. The starch enzyme in the mouth begins the digestion process until the small intestine excretes the same enzyme from the body. This enzyme breaks down the starch in food into sugar, which is why we feel a sugary taste when we chew potatoes.

2. The importance of starch enzyme to the digestive system

If the diet contains a lot of carbohydrates, the body will consume a lot of this enzyme, so it is easy to cause starch enzyme deficiency. Lack of this enzyme will cause a series of problems to the body. Related psychological problems like skin rash, depression, and allergies, etc. will arise. It can also adversely affect menopausal women, so be careful to avoid a lack of a starch enzyme. Limiting excessive intake of carbohydrate-rich foods is an effective method.

Inflammation is one of the main causes of aging. The role of the starch enzyme also includes digestion and processing of white blood cells. If this activity is affected, inflammation will be activated, which means that your anti-aging efforts become futile.

The body can produce about 22 different types of digestive enzymes through the food we eat. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in digestive enzymes, and the starch enzyme is one of them. In addition, you can also eat sprouted seeds, cereals, and legumes to obtain this enzyme. Of course, some natural health supplements also contain starch enzymes. In short, considering our overall health benefits, we should maintain a balanced diet.

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