What Are the Applications of Phytase in Feed?

1. What is phytase?

Phytase is a natural phosphorus-containing organic compound, which is widely found in fruits and many plant seeds. Adding phytase to the feed can make the mineral elements in the plant feed into a free state, which is beneficial to the absorption of livestock and poultry. It can also increase the content of phytase in monogastric animals, improve the absorption and utilization of phytate phosphorus, which is beneficial to the healthy growth of livestock.

2. Application of phytase in feed

(1) Phytase has biological activity and can catalyze and hydrolyze the abundant phytic acid and its conjugates in the feed to decompose inorganic phosphorus and inositol.

(2) It can make livestock and poultry use phosphorus in feed more effectively, reduce phosphorus discharge in manure, environmental pollution, and the addition of inorganic phosphorus, thus reducing the cost.

(3) It is very effective to add phytase to the feed of poultry and pigs. Adding phytase to pig feed can increase the utilization rate of phosphorus by 50% to 70%, and reduce the fecal phosphorus by 30% to 50%. Adding phytase to the feed can increase the utilization rate of phosphorus by 20% to 30%.

(4) A large number of test results show that adding feed enzymes to the low-level inorganic phosphorus diet of chickens can release some trace elements and nutrients, increase the absorption of phosphorus, calcium, copper and zinc, which is beneficial to the mineralization of bones, promoting the growth of broilers.

(5) Adding phytase to the bean cake-type diet reduces the excretion of phosphorus in manure by 17% to 42%, which not only improves the utilization of phytate phosphorus, but also has a protective effect on the environment.

Phytase enzyme is a new type of green feed additive, which can not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by phosphorus in  fecal excretion, but also relieve the anti-nutritional effect of phytic acid and improve the availability of various mineral elements, proteins and amino acids in the feed.

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