The Mechanism and Use of Pectinase

Ⅰ. The mechanism of action of pectinase

Pectinase is metabolized and produced by Aspergillus niger. It is a food-grade solid enzyme preparation prepared by liquid submerged fermentation and modern biological extraction and drying technology. It can hydrolyze pectin to produce water-soluble pectin, pectic acid and β-galacturonaldehyde. acid. Pectinase is widely used to prevent the turbidity of fruit and vegetable juices after squeezing. Pectinase can effectively degrade soluble and insoluble pectin and hemicellulose to prevent and remove flocs in fruit and vegetable juices. In order to achieve the purpose of clarification, it is also very effective in reducing the viscosity of the juice, improving the filtration efficiency and extending the life of the filter membrane.

Pectinase is a high-efficiency biocatalyst, which contains three components: pectin esterase, polygalacturonase, and pectin lyase. The use of pectinase has an excellent clarification effect on the juice, and can completely decompose pectin, reduce the juice viscosity, and crack plant cell walls and releases more effective ingredients. The various enzyme systems of pectinase can decompose insoluble substances such as pectin, arabinan, hemicellulose, starch, and protein in fruit juice under their synergistic action, and produce galacturonic acid and oligogalacturonic acid. Saturated galacturonic acid and oligogalacturonic acid can clarify the juice thoroughly, which is more effective than using a single pectinase.

Ⅱ. What is pectinase used for?

1. Juice extraction and fruit wine clarification.

2. Fruit processing needs types of industrial enzymes.

3. Extraction of plant-derived substances.

Ⅲ. Preservation method of pectinase

According to the enzyme supplier, pectinase is suggested to use plastic bucket packaging.

Pectinase is a biologically active substance, and sunlight and temperature can cause enzyme inactivation. Therefore, avoid sunlight and rain during transportation. The warehouse should be kept clean, cool and dry.

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