BESTZYME's Employees Made Outstanding Achievements in Two Industry Professional Skills Contests

Ⅰ. We won multiple prizes in the "Promote Shandong with Technology" Industry Professional Skills Contest

Now various industries are implementing important instructions of "cultivating more high-caliber and technical talented people, skilled craftsmen, and craftsmen of the nation" proposed by Xi Jinping, the general secretary of China. And a professional skill contest was held. From October 9th to 10th, 2021, the "Promote Shandong with Technology" Industry Professional Skills Contest&"Huaxi Cup" Provincial Biological Fermentation Industry Skills Competition 2021 were held at Qilu University of Technology. Relevant leaders from Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Qilu University of Technology, and Provincial Biological Fermentation Industry Association attended the opening ceremony of the competition. And 136 players participated in this skill competition.



In order to further improve BESTZYME's testing technology level and strengthen business exchanges, Shang Xiaohua, Ma Peipei, and Deng Laixi participated in the skill competition on behalf of BESTZYME. The competition is divided into two parts: theoretical examination (closed book) and practical competition. BESTZYME's contestants complimented the competition. Their proficient operation and technology fully demonstrated the good professionalism and professional skills of BESTZYME employees. Our company won the Excellent Organization Award, and all three employees have achieved outstanding results:

Ma Peipei won the first prize of chemical inspection of the staff group

Deng Lai won the second prize of biochemical inspection of the staff group

Shang Xiaohua won the third prize of chemical inspection of the staff group


Ⅱ. Professional Skills Competition in Jinan Feed and Veterinary Medicine Industry

On September 16, the First Skills Competition for Feed and Veterinary Medicine Industry in Jinan, jointly organized by the Jinan Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Federation of Trade Unions, and the Jinan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, was officially held. The competition was selected by the county and district at the first level, attracting more than 60 feed and veterinary drug manufacturers and more than 100 contestants. Sun Xuemei, Li Wenwen, and Zhang Zhenguo participated in this competition on behalf of BESTZYME. They conducted a day's theoretical examination and practical operation:

Zhang Zhenguo won the third prize in Forklift Skills Competition


This competition provided a stage for exhibition and exchange and a platform for technological improvement for young skilled talents in more than 2,400 feed and veterinary drug production enterprises in the province. At the same time, this competition is also conducive to the innovation of technology and the cultivation of skilled craftsmen in the feed industry.

In recent years, BESTZYME attaches great importance to the construction of a talent team and regards the cultivation of knowledge, skill, management, and innovation talent team as an important starting point for enterprise development. BESTZYME has been working hard to build a platform for employees to communicate and show themselves, hoping to create a good environment for the young skilled talents, to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. Our company also hopes to discover, train and select more outstanding talents in grassroots positions through the competition. BESTZYME will take this competition as an opportunity to carry forward the spirit of "pursuing excellence", cultivate more dedicated and technical talents, and make new contributions to national economic development and social progress.

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