Jinan BESTZYME's Second Overseas Check-in Station: Thailand VIV ASIA

The March breeze carries warmth, dispelling the harsh winter. After a four-year hiatus, the 2023 Thailand VIV Asia officially kicked off on March 8th. As the most influential and well-known livestock exhibition in the ASEAN region, VIV Asia has always provided a high-quality communication platform for suppliers across the entire livestock industry chain. After a long epidemic, Jinan BESTZYME packed up and set off once again, dressed up for the exhibition, to exchange ideas and explore with new and old friends from home and abroad, and share in the grand event.




As a leading expert in enzyme preparations, Jinan BESTZYME brought its key products to the event. During the exhibition, we communicated with old customers who we have not seen for a long time, discussing future cooperation directions together. Facing new friends we have not met before, we also actively introduced our products, hoping to gain their recognition. In the end, our business and technical personnel received high praise and recognition from our customers due to our enthusiastic service attitude and solid professional knowledge. In just three days, we received more than 50 groups of new and old customers from more than 20 countries and regions around the world.




Rooted in biocatalysis technology and independent research and development capabilities, Jinan  BESTZYME has been committed to "making the best enzymes in the world" and focusing on the international market since its establishment. Through continuous research and development innovation and technical investment, we will link customers from various countries through overseas exhibition platforms, continuously expand Jinan BESTZYME's overseas business map, and work together with industry-related personnel from all over the world to provide a solid guarantee for the healthy development of the livestock industry.




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