New Year's Debut - Bestzyme Shines at the US IPPE, Facilitating Green and Sustainable Development in Livestock Industry

On January 30th, the 2024 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) kicked off at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This exhibition is the largest event in the history of IPPE, with 1427 well-known companies from the livestock industry coming together to showcase the latest trends in the industry. Over 31,000 professionals from more than 130 countries in the poultry, egg products, meat, and animal food fields attended the event to witness this grand occasion. The atmosphere at the exhibition was lively, bustling with crowds, as exhibitors and attendees engaged in active discussions and in-depth exchanges about innovative products and cutting-edge technologies, making the event vibrant. The IPPE exhibition not only provided insights into future industry trends and a platform to discuss new technologies but also marked the beginning of a new chapter for industry exchange at the start of the Chinese New Year.


At this exhibition, the overseas business team of Bestzyme's feed enzyme department worked together to participate in this grand event. During the exhibition, our staff actively introduced our new products and advanced technologies to both new and existing customers, showcasing the strong capabilities of our company.


During the IPPE exhibition, a summit on sustainable development in the livestock industry was held. Dr. Frank Mitloehner, a professor at the Department of Animal Science at the University of California, delivered a fascinating speech titled "Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Future."


In order to ensure the sustainable development of humanity, the livestock industry must take responsibility by researching and promoting more environmentally friendly products. This concept aligns well with Bestzyme's product development strategy.


Over the years, Bestzyme has focused on hot topics such as environmental sustainability and green ecology, developing innovative products such as new phytase enzyme (PhosGen Plus) and energy composite xylanase (EnerGen Supreme). These products are green, efficient, safe, and stable, winning unanimous recognition from new and existing customers at this exhibition.


During this exhibition, our sales team not only gained valuable networking opportunities but also keenly felt the intensification of industry competition. In such a competitive environment, greater challenges are posed to the quality of our products and services.

Bestzyme will continue to monitor international market trends, rely on our strong enzyme formulation R&D platform, innovate continuously, optimize our after-sales service system, and provide customers with more efficient and higher-quality feed farming solutions. By continuously expanding on the international stage, we aim to create new business milestones.

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