Bestzyme Shines at the 2024 Health & Nutrition Asia Exhibition in Thailand

The three-day 2024 Health & Nutrition Asia Exhibition was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 12th. This edition of the exhibition was jointly organized by VICTAM and VIV, two prominent organizers, which allowed participating exhibitors to experience the advantages of both brands and share resources. According to statistics from the organizers, this exhibition attracted 250 exhibitors from 35 countries/regions, covering various sectors of the livestock industry such as feed additives and animal medicines.



Thailand is one of the largest feed producers in Southeast Asia and ranks seventh globally in feed production, as well as the fourth largest producer of poultry meat. According to reports from authoritative Thai media, local meat consumption demand in Thailand has been increasing year by year, and there has been a significant increase in exports of chicken and pork products compared to last year. With such growth trends, it is estimated that by 2025, the import market for livestock nutrition and additives in Thailand will reach $1.2 billion, presenting a huge opportunity for foreign manufacturers.



With careful preparation, our company's overseas business team embarked on the journey to the exhibition in Thailand with great anticipation. Through years of in-depth research on the Southeast Asian market, we deeply understand the importance and potential of the Thai market. This participation not only allows us to meet face-to-face with long-term clients to strengthen our relationships but more importantly, it provides an opportunity to connect with new local clients, expand our business scope, and establish new commercial partnerships.



During the exhibition, our sales representatives attracted the attention of many clients with their professional attitude and enthusiastic service. They actively introduced our products to clients, answered various questions in detail, and strived to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of our products. Many clients showed keen interest in our products and requested samples for testing. This not only signifies recognition of our products but also trust and expectations for our business.



During the exhibition, some industry experts conveyed their expectations for the industry through forums and predicted the future direction of the industry. Dr. Atiawit, a renowned animal nutrition expert, delivered a speech on "Scientific Assessment of the Safety and Effectiveness of Animal Products." In his 30-minute speech, Dr. Atiawit emphasized higher safety requirements for animal feed additives available in the market. We resonate deeply with this viewpoint. Regardless of the country, the livestock industry is an important industry related to national economy and people's livelihoods. From feed to products, from farms to tables, the livestock industry undoubtedly serves as the source of food safety. As a feed additive company, we should also shoulder our responsibility, strictly control product quality, and insist on safeguarding food safety from the source.



The successful organization of the Thailand exhibition not only brought us valuable client resources but also deepened our understanding of the Thai market. We firmly believe that with the support of our company and the efforts of our sales team, we will be able to achieve greater breakthroughs in the Thai market and realize sustained business growth.

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