Bestzyme Expands Overseas Presence with INDO LIVESTOCK EXPO&FORUM in 2023

The scorching heat of midsummer could not stop our steps. From July 26 to 28, the foreign trade sales and technical team of Bestzyme Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. in Jinan, came to Surabaya, Indonesia. We shared our research and development achievements with customers from Southeast Asia and provided them with our excellent services.


The Indonesian Livestock exhibition site was crowded with people (Image source: Livestock official Instagram)

The Indonesian Livestock exhibition we participated in is a leading livestock industry event in the region, covering various themes such as livestock farming, feed, and fisheries. The exhibition attracted numerous participating companies, and the venue was bustling with visitors. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia personally visited the exhibition site and had friendly exchanges with exhibitors. This shows the local importance attached to the livestock industry and gives us confidence in expanding our business in Indonesia.



Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia Visiting (Image Source: Official Instagram of Indonesian Livestock)

In line with the theme of this year's Livestock exhibition, Jinan Bestzyme continued to focus on industry hot topics such as animal feed and production, efficient nutrient utilization, and sustainable development. Seizing this opportunity, Bestzyme prominently showcased five star products, including EnerGen Supreme, ZymeGen-Beta, ProMax, PhosGen Plus, and LipMax, providing detailed information and on-site sample demonstrations for customers.


During the exhibition, the Jinan Bestzyme booth attracted a continuous stream of visitors, and the showcased products garnered widespread attention from participants. Many new and existing customers from around the world came to inquire about related information, learn about the products, and witness the company's research and brand strength, showcasing the company's overseas development strategy. Attendees expressed keen interest in the product samples and performance brochures provided by Jinan Bestzyme. They continuously sought product quotations and engaged in discussions with representatives on product performance, feed formulation applications, and livestock-related issues. With its strong research and development capabilities and a dedicated commitment to creating value for customers, Jinan Bestzyme gained widespread recognition from the clientele.


Adhering to the noble idea of "Being the Best Enzyme in the World," Jinan Bestzyme will always prioritize product quality, be driven by customer needs and pain points, and further advance its domestic and international strategies. Hand in hand with global partners, the company will continue to create new brilliance together!



Photo of Salesperson

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