The 4th Sunbird Animal Husbandry Industry Antibiotic-Free (Reduced Antibiotic) Development Conference in 2021 successfully concluded

On April 16, 2021, in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing, the 4th Sunbird Animal Husbandry Industry Antibiotic-Free (Reduced Antibiotic) Development Conference was grandly opened. As a high-end academic exchange seminar in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, nearly 2,000 well-known experts, scholars and industry elites at home and abroad gathered together to discuss science and technology and innovation in the new situation of the animal husbandry industry. As a rising star in the field of biotechnology, Jinan Bestzyme, with the mission of "being the best enzyme in the world", once again appeared at the conference with “ProMax” products.


There is no need to talk about the inevitability of antibiotic-free, and low-protein diets are also the general trend. At this conference, We focused on showing the outstanding role of ProMax in the animal nutrition industry. Our technicians answered the questions of the customers one by one, and the ProMax has also been highly recognized by the customers.


ProMax is a new heat-resistant protease specially developed by Bestzyme for feed applications. ProMax molecule is derived from the S2 family protease of thermophilic bacteria. Compared with the currently widely used alkaline protease in the S8 family, it is innovative at the molecular level, bringing powerful performance improvements, high stability, high acid resistance, and broader cutting site preference. It has a good synergy with endogenous protease and can effectively supplement the deficiency of endogenous protease, and is suitable for a variety of protein materials. In this constant wave of new challenges and new opportunities, ProMax can help improve protein digestibility, improve growth performance, and help everyone in healthy breeding.


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