Bestzyme Embarks on a New Journey - Participating in the Philippines Feed and Veterinary Medicine Expo, Opening a New Chapter

As the festive chimes of the Spring Festival quietly ring, we find ourselves in the Year of the Dragon. At this auspicious moment, Bestzyme has crossed the seas to bring joy to the Philippines. On the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, coinciding with the propitious numerology of "66," the 2024 International Farmers Summit in the Philippines opened grandly in Manila. This three-day event attracted around 200 well-known global enterprises and over 20,000 visitors. It served not only as a gathering for the livestock industry but also provided an international trade platform for companies worldwide. For Bestzyme, it presented a valuable opportunity to expand its presence in the Philippine market.



Situated in Southeast Asia, the Philippines boasts a tropical climate with abundant sunshine and rainfall, providing an ideal environment for agriculture and animal husbandry. As one of the pillars of the national economy, the agricultural and livestock sector plays a crucial role in the Philippines. With the rapid population growth over the past decade, the demand for meat and protein has been steadily rising, further driving the overall demand for animal products. Additionally, the Philippine government has prioritized livestock farming, implementing supportive policies that highlight the immense development potential and opportunities in the Philippine livestock market.



In recent years, Bestzyme has been committed to expanding its presence in the Philippine market, establishing connections with numerous local partners interested in collaborating with us. Leveraging this expo, our team engaged in in-depth discussions with visiting clients. We provided detailed introductions to our product features, technological advantages, and service philosophy, offering them a comprehensive understanding of Bestzyme.



During these interactions, we keenly felt the clients' attention and recognition of our products. They expressed agreement with our commitment to green, efficient, safe, and stable products, expressing a desire to establish long-term strategic partnerships with us. This has filled us with confidence regarding Bestzyme's development in the Philippine market.


Through this expo, Bestzyme's influence in the Philippine market has been further elevated, laying a solid foundation for our market expansion. Seizing this opportunity, we will continue to strengthen communication and collaboration with our clients, striving towards achieving Bestzyme's global strategic goals.

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