Glucose Oxidase Method Was Used to Remove Glucose from Egg Liquid

1. Desugaring effect of glucose oxidase method

Enzymatic desugar is a method of using glucose oxidase to oxidize glucose in egg liquid to gluconic acid to desugar. It is completely suitable for the fermentation of protein liquid, whole egg liquid and egg yolk liquid. After the egg white is desugared by the glucose oxidase method, the Maillard reaction can be effectively prevented from occurring during dry-heat treatment. It can also remove eggy smell, reduce viscosity, and can improve gel and foaming properties, while the emulsification properties are basically unchanged. The glucose oxidase method to remove the glucose, a type of industrial enzyme, in the egg white can be completely applied to the actual industrial production of egg products.

The optimum pH of glucose oxidase method for sugar removal is 3-8, generally, 6.7-7.2 is the best. The currently used enzyme preparations from the enzyme factory contain not only glucose oxidase, but also catalase, which can decompose hydrogen peroxide in the egg liquid to form oxygen, but hydrogen peroxide needs to be continuously added to the egg liquid to avoid foaming and relieve the suppression of the reaction by the low concentration of the reactant.

2. Process steps of glucose oxidase method desugarization

Glucose oxidase method for sugar removal should firstly use 10% organic acid to modulate protein solution (the yolk or whole egg solution does not need to add acid) to make pH reach about 7.0, then add 0.01% to 0.04% glucose oxidase, slowly stir and add at the same time 0.35% of 7% hydrogen peroxide. The same amount of hydrogen peroxide needs to be added every one hour. The fermentation temperature is generally 30°C or 10-15°C. It takes about 5-6 hours to remove sugar by protease fermentation. When the enzyme is used to remove sugar in the egg yolk, the pH is about 6.5, so sugar can be removed within 3.5 hours without adjusting the pH. After adjusting the pH of the whole egg liquid to 7.0-7.3, sugar can be removed within four hours.

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