Meeting with the South American Continent: BESTZYME Appears at AVICOLA 2023

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is a traditional livestock country with a well-developed agriculture and livestock industry. It is known as the "world's grain barn and meat store" and is a world-renowned livestock powerhouse.


The poultry and pig industry exhibition organized by Argentina, known as AVICOLA, is currently the largest and most well-known poultry and livestock exhibition in the country. The exhibition covers a wide range of industries, including livestock farming equipment, veterinary drugs, feed additives, egg and meat products, among others. This year, more than 160 companies from Argentina and around the world gathered to exhibit their products. With great anticipation from colleagues in the livestock industry, the three-day Argentina Poultry and Pig Industry Exhibition finally opened its doors on November 8th.

BESTZYME, as an exhibitor at this event, also had its "first intimate encounter" with the South American market. In fact, as early as 2019, we established contact with high-quality customers in the South American market and decided to participate in the Argentina Poultry and Pig Industry Exhibition in 2020. However, due to the hindrance of the pandemic, this meeting was delayed by almost three years. Nevertheless, the belated "date" did not make us weary in waiting; on the contrary, the anticipation grew stronger during the wait.


During this exhibition, we showcased five flagship products: EnerGen Supreme, ZymeGen-Beta, ProMax, PhosGen Plus, and LipMax. We hope that more South American customers can use our products to understand our innovative concepts and promote the green and healthy development of the local livestock industry.

Throughout the exhibition, we had friendly meetings with customers who provided new insights into our products and services based on local market demands. Both parties hold a very positive attitude towards future cooperation. In addition to meeting old friends, colleagues from BESTZYME's overseas business department also engaged in discussions with visitors on the competitive nature of the market and the diversification of product demands. In response to these issues, we provided a detailed introduction to the company's current products and the strategies and measures taken to address these challenges. We not only showcased the advantages and characteristics of our products but also emphasized the strength of our upstream research and development and downstream application.


Through this exhibition, we not only strengthened long-term and stable cooperation with old clients but also attracted numerous potential partners. Both parties express the hope to further deepen cooperation and jointly explore broader market spaces in the future. BESTZYME has also left its first footprint on the South American continent during this event. We will take this as a starting point and actively expand into the entire South American market, enhance brand influence, and consequently increase BESTZYME's market share. Next year, we will also participate in the Brazil International Poultry and Pig Industry Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil. We look forward to our second meeting with the South American market in August next year!

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