Bestzyme was awarded 2020 Top 10 Shandong Feed Additives (Fermentation) Enterprises

Recently, Shandong Feed Industry Association announced that Bestzyme was awarded "2020 Top 10 Shandong Feed Additives (Fermentation) Enterprises".

Using yield and output data from China's feed industry statistical system, the award selection went through comprehensive review, publicity, and evaluation on the basis of scientificity, openness, impartiality and fairness. Bestzyme won the award as it has outperformed its peers in expertise and services and has been widely recognized and acclaimed by the breeding sector, feed sector, academic sector and the government.

bestzyme was rewarded

Dedicated to biosynthesis technology, Bestzyme has established a fully integrated end-to-end system incorporating development, production and marketing - from enzyme screening, genetic engineering, protein engineering transformation, fermentation process optimization, application research to technical support and follow-up services. Bestzyme is committed to realizing its mission of "making the world’s best enzymes". With leading products and technologies, Bestzyme will work with customers and partners to promote industry technology advancement, develop clean and green manufacturing processes, and ultimately create a brighter future.

In terms of feed enzyme applications, Bestzyme owns such R&D institutions as "One Enterprise with One Technology" R&D Center approved by Shandong Province, "Jinan Microbial Feed Additives Engineering Technology Research Center", "Jinan Microbial Feed Additives Engineering Laboratory", and Jinan Enterprise Technology Center. Bestzyme has established an academician expert workstation and an academician expert primary-level service workstations. Moreover, with a powerful enzyme platform, Bestzyme is the only Chinese company that is able to independently develop any engineered strains. Bestzyme has the world's most efficient aspergillus niger expression system. Among others, keratinase, acid mannanase, combined protease, and thermostable glucose oxidase independently developed by Bestzyme are leading in China.bestzyme-rewarded.jpg

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