American IPPE——Jina Bestzyme Debuted in the United States, Continuously Creating Value for International Customers

With the festive and auspicious Chinese New Year, Jina Bestzyme joined hands with the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in the United States again and met with everyone at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta from January 24th to 26th, 2023. IPPE is one of the most influential and largest exhibitions in the world for animal food, meat, and poultry products production and processing, which was founded in 1949. Many exhibitors and numerous visitors attended this exhibition. With the beginning of the Chinese New Year of Rabbit, Jina Bestzyme grasps the new trend of the optimization of China's open policy on the epidemic situation and continues to create value for overseas customers.


Jina Bestzyme is an enterprise that can independently develop engineering strains in China and has a global high-efficiency Aspergillus expression system and a powerful enzyme preparation platform. Jina Bestzyme has established a precision application evaluation system from enzyme characteristics, to enzyme stability and effectiveness evaluation, to in vitro enzyme digestion evaluation and animal feeding experiments. In line with the theme of this year's IPPE, Jina Bestzyme focuses on industry hotspots such as animal feed and production, efficient nutrition utilization and sustainable development, and uses this as an opportunity to show visitors the characteristics of its star products such as PhosGen Plus, compound proteins, glucoamylase and energy complexes.


During the exhibition, Jina Bestzyme's booth was visited by customers in an endless stream, and Jina Bestzyme's products were widely concerned by the exhibitors, attracting many new and old customers from all over the world to consult. This fully demonstrated the company's scientific research and brand strength, and interpreted the company's overseas development strategy. Moreover, the exhibitors were interested in the product samples, product descriptions, and other information provided by Jina Bestzyme, and had in-depth and extensive discussions with Jina Bestzyme's business and technical personnel on the product performance. Jina Bestzyme's strong R&D strength and attitude of continuously creating value for customers have been highly recognized by customers around the world.


The policies to control the epidemic situation are gradually stabilizing, while the international situation has undergone dramatic changes, leading to the shortage of resources of bulk commodities, environmental pollution, and other topics. These are both opportunities and challenges for the feed industry, feed additives, etc. With the corporate mission of "produce the best enzyme in the world", Jina Bestzyme will always take product quality as the core, customer needs and pain points as the driving force, and further promote the domestic and international double track in a deeper way, and move forward together with global partners to create better future!

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