Effects of Glucose Oxidase on Milk Preservation

Milk has become one of the important daily consumer goods. It is extremely nutritious and contains all kinds of minerals such as protein, amino acids, fat, lactose, citrate and calcium. The composition of milk is a good nutritional substrate for bacteria. Bacteria will reproduce quickly under warm conditions. How to keep milk fresh and safe has become an important research topic for glucose oxidase manufacturers.

1. Glucose oxidase can keep fresh            

In the process of milk disinfection and preservation, pasteurization for preservation is widely used. The sterilized milk must be preserved at low temperature, so it is faced with the problems of low temperature preservation conditions and cost. As a new preservation technology, glucose oxidase, produced by the enzyme manufacturer, has attracted great attention.            

The greatest function of glucose oxidase in food industry is deoxygenation. During the preservation or processing of many foods, especially fresh foods, the existence of oxygen has a great impact on their preservation. Deoxygenation is a necessary means of food preservation. Many deoxygenation methods have poor effects. In terms of the characteristics of antioxidants of different kinds of enzymes, glucose oxidase is specific to oxygen. The oxidative metamorphism that has occurred, can prevent further development. Or when it hasn't occurred, glucose oxidase can prevent the occurrence, and the method of deoxygenation by glucose oxidase can prolong the fresh-keeping time and shelf-life of its food.

2. The security of using glucose oxidase            

Different from traditional chemical agents, glucose oxidase does not have food safety problems caused by long-term intake and excessive addition. Glucose oxidase is a green biological food preservative obtained by microbial fermentation and purification. When added to raw materials with complex components, it will not cause unnecessary chemical changes and has no toxic and side effects on the human body. For fresh milk and dairy products, it can prevent fat oxidation, inhibit microbial growth, preserve freshness and color, and prolong food shelf-life. At the same time, drinking milk containing glucose oxidase is conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria and improve body immunity. Therefore, glucose oxidase in the food industry is very safe!

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