What is Pectinase?

1. Introduction of pectinase

Pectinase is a group of enzymes that can break down the core of plant cell walls. Enzymes are proteins that accelerate the reaction rate and are commonly used in juice and wine processing. They are often added to animal feed to help digest food better. In addition, pectinase is also sold on the market in the form of nutritional supplements to improve human digestion.

Depending on different gums, there are different types of pectinase. Pectin forms the centre of plant cell walls. Other molecules such as cellulose are embedded in it. When the glue is degraded by pectinase, the cell wall becomes fragile. This decomposition can lead to overall corruption of the organization, such as potato rot. Pectinase also helps to decompose plant waste and is used in wastewater treatment. The main source of industrial genetically modified fungi is these enzymes.

2. The main use of commercial pectinase

Commercial pectinase is mainly used as poultry enzymes to add to animal feed to help digestion. This can promote the health of the animal's digestive system and help them absorb more nutrients. This is actually a good way to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary feed waste.

3. The use of pectinase in the food industry

The food and wine brewing industries often mix pectinase and amylase (such as alpha amylase enzyme) as purifying agents. It is especially useful in processing apple juice, as it often results in turbid plant material after production. The use of pectinase can effectively degrade these gums and help produce clearer juice. In the production of berry juice, this method can also promote aroma and color. Of course, wine production also uses it to remove colloidal deposits. 

Other applications of pectinase in the food industry include softening fruits for easy peeling and fermenting coffee and tea. In addition, these enzymes are also used to separate plant fibres to help reduce chemical toxicity.

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