Unveil the Mysterious Pectinase

The appearance of pectinase enzyme is light yellow powder, and it is called one of the four major enzyme preparations. In fact, pectinase does not specifically refer to a certain enzyme, but a general term for a class of enzymes that decompose pectin, including galacturonidase, pectin-decomposing enzyme and pectin lipase.

Pectinase enzyme can decompose pectin, disintegrate plant cell walls and intercellular layers, making it easier to squeeze juice, and decompose pectin into soluble galacturonic acid, which will also make cloudy juice become clear. Pectinase is mainly found in higher plants and microorganisms, and it is also found in some protozoa and insects. At present, the main source of commercially available food-grade pectinase is the metabolites of Aspergillus niger.

Pectinase enzyme plays a very important role in juice production. Under normal circumstances, the fruit juice after being crushed contains solids such as pectin and cellulose. According to the molecular size, pectin acts as a plant fiber that can prevent or even stop the flow of liquid, so that the solid particles remain suspended and the juice remains in a uniform turbid state. Therefore, to make juice, pectin must be decomposed to make it inactive, so that the juice can be clarified, and pectinase can play this role.

Pectinase enzyme acts on the glycosidic bond between the D-galacturonic acid residues in pectin, which can break the pectin molecule, soften the pectin gum in the pulp tissue, and make the high-molecular galacturonic acid degrade galacturonic acid and pectic acid small molecule substance. In addition, the polysaccharide chain of pectin will also be degraded. This continuous degradation of pectin molecules will cause the solids in the juice to lose support and settle down, thereby enhancing the juice clarification effect, improving and accelerating the filterability and filtration speed of the juice, thus the juice yield can be increased.

In addition to the production of fruit and vegetable juice and the clarification of fruit wine, pectinase enzyme can also be used to extract natural products. The extracts produced by pectinase include ginkgo biloba extract, garlic oil concentrate, and ginseng pulp. In addition, pectinase also plays a very important role in the paper industry. The paper industry will use pectinase and other enzymes to process and degrade the pectin, hemicellulose and lignin in the plant fiber raw materials to disperse them into bundle fibers or single fibers that meet the different requirements of the paper industry to produce soft, uniform, and elastic high-quality materials.

The application field of pectinase is very wide, which brings convenience to people's life.

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