Dosage and Usage of Pectinase Enzyme

Pectins are the main components of heteropolysaccharides in plant cell walls. The polymerization of galacturonic acid forms them with different degrees of esterification through α-1,4 glycosidic bonds. So what is the amount of pectinase enzyme? Pectinase refers to enzymes that decompose pectin, the main component of plants. Greyish yellow powder. It is hygroscopic. Exist in most plant cells, such as carrots, the beetroot cell sap, and fruits. So what is the amount of pectinase? How is pectinase used?

Ⅰ. The dosage of pectinase enzyme

The dosage and action conditions of pectinase during juice clarification vary with the type, variety, maturity of the fruit, and the type and activity of the enzyme preparation. The dosage of dry enzyme preparation is generally 2~4g/L; the reaction temperature is 45~55℃, and the reaction time is 1~3h. Grape juice can be completely clarified by putting 0.2% pectinase at 40~42℃ for 3h. Apple juice is refined, and the maximum amount of pectinase is 3%. The enzyme preparation can be added directly to the fresh juice squeezed out or added after the liquid has been sterilized.

When pectinase is used to remove the inner skin of the lotus seed, the inner membrane of garlic, and the orange sac, it is usually put into the enzyme solution with pH 3.0, and the temperature is lower than 50 ℃ and stirred for about 1 hour. After filtration, the enzyme solution can be repeated use. Tangerines (canned products) have a strong flavour and improved quality after being encapsulated. In addition, pectinase enzyme can also be used in combination with adsorbents (gelatin, diatomaceous earth, etc.). For example, the enzyme preparation is added to the juice for 20-30 minutes, then gelatin is added, and the effect is better for clarification at 30-40℃.

Ⅱ. How to use pectinase enzyme

Pectinase enzyme is used before the fermentation of grapes. First, the cleaned grapes are broken, and a certain amount of sulfur-adjusting tablets are added. Oxidation is conducive to long-term storage! In the past, potassium bisulfite was used for disinfection, also called potassium metabisulfite. Now sulfur-regulating tablets are generally used). After half an hour, pectinase is dissolved in 30 degrees warm water. Stir evenly, pour it into the broken grapes and let it stand for 2-4 hours. Addition amount: 0.05%-0.2% (calculated according to 10,000 u/g enzyme activity); operating temperature range: 30-60 degrees, the best operating temperature is 45-55 degrees, it will be inactivated if it exceeds 65 degrees; the effect of PH value: 3.0 -6.0, the best PH value is 3.5-4.5.

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