A day of Bestzyme mothers

On May 9th, Mother’s Day, Jinan Bestzyme carefully prepared activities for the mothers to thanks for their efforts to the company, 24 groups of families gathered together and visited the company’s honor exhibition hall, laboratory and fermentation workshop , This acitivity not only let them feel the company culture ,but also learn the product process. We also prepared scientific experiments, DIY, parent-child games for the children, which created wonderful memories with all mothers.




  When the children visited the factory, they also visited their mother’s work station. While understanding their mother’s daily work, they also felt the other side of mothers they didn’t know, and felt deeply of their mother’s toil and tough. In the DIY session, the children packed bunches of carnations and gave them to their mothers. They used flowers to express their blessings to their mothers, and hope their mothers can be as beautiful as these flowers.



 After this activity, the mothers who participated in this activity all expressed their gratitude to the company and their love of this Mother’s Day event, and looking forward to next meeting.



We also hope that this activity will shorten the distance between the company and employees, and make everyone feel the care and warmth from the company. In the end, Besytzyme extended deep blessings and gratitude to all mothers, and wish all mothers a happy Mother's Day!


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